IEEE-USA Offers Free E-Books to Members in November and December: On Achieving Excellence in Writing; and Start-Up Market Size, Strategy

BY Sharon Richardson Posted: 1 Nov 2014

In November, IEEE-USA will offer Writing for Success – An Engineer’s Guide – Volume 2: The Road to Excellence, by Tom Moran.

In Volume 2 of this series,  Moran shares that while it would be great to “let our fingers fly across the keyboard to rough out a report, run spell check, and send the results off to be printed or distributed,  the finished product would mostly likely be filled with inaccuracies, be unclear to the readers, and ultimately -- ineffective.”

He points out that the road to writing excellence is filled with revisions.  And Moran emphasizes that writers must thoroughly examine what they write; ask questions to ensure their information is accurate, complete, logical, and clear; and most importantly – that the information is necessary, or needed. Further, he writes that checking for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors is a must.

In the Chapter Test and Retest, Moran urges that “Correcting mistakes and honing our writing towards perfection will demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards, and give increased credibility and persuasiveness to the messages in our writing.”

He writes that attention to detail is absolute, and it takes a critical eye. Further, he expresses that in developing a critical eye, good writers must test and write, rewrite and test again. Moran assures readers that following the process will gradually improve their writing, and instill confidence, “on the road to writing excellence.”

Other e-books in this series include Volume 1: Designing for Success; Volume 3: The End Products of Engineering Writing and Volume 4: Writing for Life.

Writing for Success – An Engineer’s Guide – Volume 2: The Road to Excellence can be downloaded at for free to IEEE members. $9.99 for Non-Members.

In December, IEEE-USA E-books will offer Starting Your Start-Up – Book 2: Market Size & Strategy by Tanya Candia.

Market Size and Strategy, helps the reader to flesh out the initial plan for a startup company or business. This volume assists the reader in finding real market size, even when dealing with disruptive technology, where market size data is hard to come by.  Candia also helps entrepreneurs to understand target buyers, communicate the value of products and services, and increase the probability of early and ongoing sales.

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Sharon Richardson is IEEE-USA’s Coordinator, Publishing & Communications

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