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BY Greg Hill Posted: 1 Mar 2012

Today’s Engineer is an online publication available to IEEE members devoted to the issues affecting U.S. IEEE members’ careers and the topics shaping legisla­tion. Below are recent articles that may interest you. Click the blue titles to read the full-length articles.

Career Focus: App Development

Apps, apps, apps—that seems to be all anyone is talking about these days. But while many of the most talked about apps may be simple or flashy games or programs for mobile devices, the real growth in the field is in serious business productivity or marketing applications. Meanwhile, the need for good app developers is growing at a record pace.

Top 10 Ways to Screw-Up Your Engineering Career

Anyone can give you helpful career advice, so Jim Anderson invites you to do something completely different.  Want to know how to screw-up your engineering career?

Backscatter: How to Invent

How does one answer when confronted with the question, How do you invent? Don Christiansen offers the wisdom of Wilson Greenbatch, inventor of the implantable pacemaker, as a good place to start.

Career Focus: Systems Engineering

Are you an engineer who likes to think outside the box, possesses leadership and communication skills, and thrives at improving the connections between greater parts of a whole? Then, systems engineering might be a good next step for your career.

Twenty Years of Pension "Improvements"

The traditional defined benefit pension served as the gold standard for retirement security, where the employer took the risk in delivering the promised benefit. But over the past two decades, many firms have turned the risk over to the employees.

Career Focus: Non-Engineering Careers for Engineers

Not everyone who gets an engineering degree or who starts their career as an engineer spends their whole life working as an engineer. But while those who move on may leave behind their hands-on daily exposure to semiconductors or energy systems or software, the education and experience these people received often remains valuable to them through the rest of their careers.

IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference

In late October, participants from all over the world gathered at the inaugural IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference to present and discuss solutions for present and future humanitarian needs. George McClure recaps some of the conference highlights.  (See page xx of this issue of IEEE-USA in ACTION for the condensed version of conference highlights – go to the Today’s Engineer link above for the full-length version.)

Backscatter: Toys for Budding Engineers

Do today's kids miss out on fun and learning that could propel them to engineering careers as they remain glued to iPads and computer games?

The Real Steel: Robotics Careers Ready to Boom

Do you have a robot in your home or office yet? If not, you probably will soon. The robotics industry is in a major growth mode, not only in terms of sales, but also in size. At the same time, it is also creating growth around itself. According to a November 2011 report from the market research firm Metra Martech, the robotics industry will create one million new jobs over the next five years.

The Heilmeier Catechism

IEEE Fellow and 2012 Charles Start Draper Award recipient Dr. George H. Heilmeier is most recently known for his role in developing LCD technology. But during his long career in the U.S. Department of Defense and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Texas Instruments, Bellcore/Telcordia, and the Science Applications International Corporation, Heilmeier made an indelible mark as a manager of research and development, and is also well known among technology managers for his famous “Heilmeier’s Catechism.”

Greg Hill is IEEE-USA’s electronic communications manager, and editor-in-chief of Today’s Engineer.

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