BY Greg Hill Posted: 1 Jun 2012

Today’s Engineer is an online publication available to IEEE members devoted to the issues affecting U.S. IEEE members’ careers and the topics shaping legisla­tion. Below are recent articles that may interest you. Click the blue titles to read the full-length articles.

Career Focus: Aerospace Engineering Careers Still Flying High

Despite some uncertainty—and slower growth than other engineering fields—careers in aerospace remain strong, and the need for new employees continues to grow.

Backscatter: Not My Type

In an attempt to mimic web designers and their penchant for brightly colored and reversed out text, are print designers sacrificing readability and, possibly, losing readers? Don Christiansen muses on design trends in some of today's most popular print periodicals.

Engineering Leaders to Convene to Discuss Future of U.S. Engineering

In April, the National Academy of Engineering, joined by Lockheed Martin and the Council on Competitiveness, announced the inaugural National Engineering Forum (NEF), which will challenge leaders of the engineering community to “address the precarious state of U.S. engineering—in terms of its capacity, capability and competitiveness.”

Career Focus: Forensic Engineering

When things break and parties litigate, sometimes the person who has the most impact on the proceedings is not the plaintiff, the judge or an attorney—it's a forensic engineer. Forensic engineers investigate and reconstruct failures in a variety of systems, often determining the cause and liability of an event as it moves toward, or into, a courtroom setting. So, how does one go about becoming one?

Your Engineering Career: Keep on Pushing

As an engineer, you already know how to keep trying different approaches, to keep on pushing, until you solve a technical problem. This ethos applies to engineering careers as well.

Backscatter: The Engineering Gender Gap

Don Christiansen reviews mixed bag of reactions to Lego's announcement that they will be marketing a new line aimed at girls, and wonders if engineering may be becoming a gender-neutral profession?

NCEES's Evolution, plus a Recap of the 2011 Electrical and Computer PE Exam Results

Today, the NCEES continues to evolve in its efforts to advance licensure for engineers and surveyors. Find out how the organization has worked to meet its mission of advancing licensure over the years. Plus, a recap of the October 2011 Electrical and Computer PE exam results.

Remembering the 'Ultimate Team Player,' George McClure

The greatest among us are those who serve others. George McClure would never have been so bold to think of himself as great. He served his family, country and fellow IEEE members without concern for how it would benefit him.

Backscatter: From Film Star to Frequency-Hopping Inventor

Some younger readers may not know who Hedy Lamarr was. Old-timers remember her as a popular Hollywood star of the mid-20th century. Unknown to her fans and many of her Hollywood colleagues was her technical creative side. They were unaware that when the cameras were not rolling, Ms. Lamarr might be at home at her drawing board, diligently working at some concept that might lead to a commercial product, or a patentable invention.

Fourth IEEE Green Technologies Conference

Now in its fourth year, the IEEE Green Technologies Conference continues to bring together scientists, researchers and practitioners from around the world to develop realistic solutions to the current energy crisis, and to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions.

Greg Hill is managing editor for Today’s Engineer, and IEEE-USA’s electronic communications manager.

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