Eye on Washington: IEEE-USA ACTIVITIES on and Around the Hill

BY Sharon Richardson Posted: 1 Sep 2012


The Science, Engineering and Technology Congressional Visits Day (SET CVD) is an annual two-day event that brings scientists, engineers, researchers, educators and technology executives to Washington to raise visibility and support for science, engineering and technology. Uniquely multi-sector and multi-disciplinary, the SET CVD is coordinated by a coalition of companies, professional societies and educational institutions. It is open to all who support science and technology. The two-day program consists of a series of briefings and meetings highlighted with visits to your congressional delegates.

This past April, approximately 250 participants made more than 700 Hill visits, spreading the core messages to their constituents that “Balanced federal investment in science, engineering and technology is fundamental to the future of our Nation's prosperity” and “Science, engineering and technology partnerships between government, universities, and industries mean progress, economic growth and jobs for our nation.”

Some of the volunteers described their experiences on Congressional Visit’s Day – take a listen.



2013 Congressional Fellow Christopher Reed of Soquel, Calif., earned his BSEE at San Jose State University and his JD at Monterey College of Law. Reed has been an IEEE member for 18 years.  He has led the Information Modeling Subgroup for IEEE P2030 standards committee, and participated in the drafting committee meetings, in support of the successful publication of the IEEE 2030 standard.

In addition, Reed has been senior leader in companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500s, such as Intellisync, Borland and Nokia. He has built and led teams distributed around the globe that provided support, educational and engineering services. Most recently, Reed created training materials and delivered training for Smart Grid Software Integration, focused (in part) on utility application integration using MultiSpeak®.  He has also written software for integrating Smart Grid Applications.

2013 Engineering and Diplomacy Fellow (State Department) Kyle E. Bunch  holds Ph.D., DEE and ME degrees, all in electrical engineering from the University of Utah, with a BS in electrical and computer science from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Bunch has been an IEEE member for 27 years and a senior member for 14 years. He served as the IEEE Utah Section chair in 1996-1997.

Bunch has worked for the Department of Energy’s Office of Science Laboratories, starting in 2004 at the Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 2006, he moved to the Pacific Northwest Laboratory in Richland, Wash., where he currently holds the title of Senior Research and Development Scientist. His primary focus during this time has been using applied physical research towards solving problems relating to national security. Recently, Bunch has been involved in the policy aspects of nuclear arms control, and how technology can support the challenges of verification at small numbers.


IEEE-USA position statements identify important technical and/or engineering career-related aspects of specific public policy issues affecting IEEE's U.S. members.  They make specific public policy recommendations and provide recommended approaches for consideration by the U.S. Congress, executive branch officials, the judiciary, representatives of state and local government, and other interested groups and individuals, including IEEE members. 

At its May 2012 meeting, IEEE-USA’s Board of Directors approved an IEEE-USA Position Statement on Breaking Our Dependence on Oil by Transforming Transportation, which will serve as an addendum to IEEE-USA’s position statement on National Energy Policy Recommendations.

IEEE-USA position statements are not copyrighted, and may be linked to, reproduced, or excerpted--with appropriate attribution--as entity positions of the IEEE-United States of America (IEEE-USA).  IEEE-USA position statements should not be attributed as policy statements of IEEE, or any other IEEE organizational unit.

Copies of IEEE-USA position statements are also available free of charge by request to IEEE-USA, 2001 L Street, N.W., Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036, phone: 202-785-0017, by email to ieeeusa@ieee.org, or by fax to 202-785-0835.


The following is a sample of IEEE-USA’s activities, via a chronological log of public policy communications made by or on behalf of the IEEE-USA (and other organizational units with IEEE) from April 2012 – June 2012.

13 June 2012

Coalition letter (STEM Coalition) to Senate Appropriations Committee urging support for Shelby Amendment restoring funding for Dept. of Ed. Math & Science Partnerships Program.

13 June 2012

Coalition letter (Coalition for National Science Funding) to U.S. Senate urging strong support for the National Science Foundation R&D Budget.

5 June 2012

Letter to leaders of the House Science Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation offering comments related to a subcommittee hearing on avoiding the spectrum crunch: growing the wireless economy through innovation

1 June 2012

Joint statement with the National Small Business Association to the House Judiciary Committee on implementation of the American Invents Act.

30 May 2012

Comments submitted to USPTO concerning proposed rules regarding patent processing (updating).

18 May 2012

Coalition letter (S&T organizations) to House leadership  expressing concerns regarding provisions of S1789, the Postal Reform Act (and HR 2146, the DATA Act) restricting Federal participation in technical conferences.

9 May 2012

Letter to Senator Lieberman expressing concerns regarding provisions of S1789, the Postal Reform Act (and HR 2146, the DATA Act) restricting Federal participation in technical conferences.

7 May 2012

Comments submitted to HHS concerning health information technology standards, implementation, specifications and certification criteria for electronic health record technology.

1 May 2012

STEM Coalition letter to House and Senate Appropriations Committees urging strong support for federal K-12 STEM programs.

26 April 2012

R&D Tax Credit Coalition statement to House Ways & Means Committee on extension of R&D tax credit for hearing on expiring tax provisions.

17 April 2012

Letter to USPTO providing comments on proposed rules regarding patent trials, patent derivation, inter partes review, post-grant review, and covered business methods patent review.

12 April 2012

Letter to USPTO providing comments on proposed rules regarding business method patents.

3 April 2012

Letter to USCIS director urging opportunity for public comment on proposed interpretative guidance on L-1B Visa "specialized knowledge" requirement.

Sharon Richardson is IEEE-USA’s Communications Coordinator, and editorial assistant for IEEE-USA in ACTION.

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