BY Daryll Griffin Posted: 1 Sep 2012

Annual Meeting Workshops Also Make for Great Webinars


The 2012 IEEE-USA Annual Meeting was held 3-6 May in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Annual Meeting program provided sessions on basic volunteer training and interactive workshops to assist IEEE members in honing their leadership skills. The IEEE webinar staff has asked a few of the workshop speakers from the Annual Meeting to repeat their timely presentation, so more IEEE members can take advantage of this useful, current information.


Management & Financial Reporting Using NetSuite


One of the more fiery workshops at this year’s Annual Meeting involved presentation and discussion about the new IEEE financial reporting method-- NetSuite. IEEE geographic units must annually report their financial status (using the L50 financial report form), covering the period of 1 January-31 December. NetSuite allows geographic unit treasurers to log in, complete and submit the L50 financial report. Many members in attendance have encountered problems using this system, and they wanted answers to correct those issues. The Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) staff is coming back to address this topic again for the U.S. members, to answer any remaining questions and most important report on updates and changes to the NetSuite process.


Student Professional Awareness Conference (S-PACs) and Ventures (S-PAVs)


Student Professional Awareness Activities are student organized and run events that focus upon the discussion of professional topics, such as career growth, professional ethics and social responsibility, self-management, and engineers and public policy. Vishnu Pandey, chair of IEEE-USA’s Student Professional Activities Committee, provides a follow-up to his 2012 IEEE-USA Annual Meeting presentation, geared toward leaders in IEEE sections, that highlights the benefits of working with student branches to organize events centered around professional awareness. Vishnu’s presentation is an interactive and exciting presentation that provides an overview of the various Student Professional Awareness opportunities, and explores the importance of soft skills to students competing in the global marketplace today.



Other Webinars of Note:


Open Source Software Licenses webinar includes a brief review of the evolution of the law of open source licenses, and delves into a discussion of several recent complaints alleging violations of open source licenses.


In addition, this webinar about LinkedIN can’t be promoted enough. The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success webinar provides an excellent primer on how to get the best out of your LinkedIn profile.


To access all of these webinars, and view more and archived webinars, go to IEEE-USA Webinars.



Daryll R. Griffin is IEEE-USA’s program manager for careers & innovation programs.

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