BY Gregory O. Hill Posted: 1 Dec 2012

Today’s Engineer is an online publication available to IEEE members devoted to the issues affecting U.S. IEEE members’ careers and the topics shaping legisla­tion. Below are recent articles that may interest you. Click the blue titles to read the full-length articles.

Career Focus: Contract Engineering Jobs

More and more engineers today are opting for a series of high-paying, highly skilled contract jobs that last anywhere from a few months to a couple of years, instead of full-time positions.

Cogent Communicator: What Are Slides For?

Slides with visual depictions of information are necessary to support technical presentations. The trouble is, that’s not all we ask slides to do.

Why Don't Engineering and Marketing Get Along?

When project requirements are a moving target, or they’re poorly defined, engineering work becomes even more difficult. It’s easy to point fingers at marketing as the problem. Of course, it’s just as easy for marketing to point fingers at engineering.

Congress Swings, Misses on Cyber-security

After two years of focused effort, the Senate took a critical procedural vote on comprehensive cyber-security legislation on 2 August; essentially, deciding not to proceed with consideration of the legislation at this time. It appears that the 112th Congress’ cyber-security efforts were largely for naught.

The Business of Education: Avoiding a Skills Gap

When it comes to K-12 STEM education, many believe that we are a nation in crisis. Boeing Senior VP of Human Resources and Administration Rick Stephens travels the country and visits with individuals and organizations who are working hard to innovate and create great learning environments for kids and their families. Find out what he believes is necessary to bring our education system back from the brink.

Here They Go Again — This Time with the Patent SHIELD Act

Before the ink has dried on the America Invents Act, a new patent bill was recently introduced in Congress — one that appears to be a major assault on patentee (patent holder) rights.

 Technology Pioneering

As the technological landscape grows and diversifies, we must increase its benefits and lessen its negative impacts. To that end, Rias van Wyk sees a need for technology pioneering, which can be advanced by employing MOT processes together with appropriate technology maps.

Career Focus: Defense Industry STEM Jobs

A new report looks at the future of STEM employment in the Department of Defense, and sees both shortfalls and opportunities.

Cogent Communicator: Dare to Write Well

If you’re thinking that dense, clunky, noun-laden, predictable language is what business readers espect, keep something else in mind: a great deal of business writing goes unread. Dare to make your writing readable.


What You Need to Know About the Hidden Job Market

If you have been looking for a new executive position, or have been an executive job seeker during the past few years, you have probably heard about the hidden (or unadvertised) job market. Here's a brief primer on what you need to know to break into it.

Making the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

Like eating vegetables, we all know we need to be online and have a professional presence, but it gets confusing when it come to content, frequency and engagement.

A Look at Sequestration: Potential Cuts to Federal R&D in the First Five Years

The AAAS R&D Budget and Policy Program has released a new report that estimates the impact of sequestration on federal R&D budgets, and by state, over the next five years.

STEM Visa Bill Defeated in House

Legislation to create 55,000 new STEM visas was defeated in Congress on 20 September, despite receiving strong bipartisan support. While disappointing, the vote does not necessarily preclude further action on a STEM bill later this year.

Minnesota Pro Bono Pilot Program Helps Independent Inventors Gain Patent Counsel

Many independent inventors find that they can’t afford the cost of getting competent legal service to assist them in the preparation and prosecution of their patent application. Find out what one program is doing to help Minnesota inventors.

Backscatter: Designing Museum Pieces

Just think of all the important artifacts that engineers have contributed to museums. Not intentionally, of course. It’s just that we keep developing new products that make the previous ones obsolete.


Gregory O. Hill is IEEE-USA’s electronic communications manager, and managing editor of Today’s Engineer.

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