IEEE-USA’s First Audio E-Book – Free, for a Limited Time!

IEEE-USA’s First Audio E-Book – Free, for a Limited Time!

BY IEEE-USA Staff Posted: 31 Mar 2017

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Based on the popularity of its e-books, IEEE-USA is releasing its first audio e-book — Staying Sharp - Volume 1:  Tips for Staying Sharp Inside Your Company —  free for a limited time only!

Global competitiveness is unforgiving, and if not sharpened regularly, an engineer's skills can obsolesce quickly. At this time of rapid change and shifting corporate strategies, complacency can easily threaten an engineering career.

The first in a two-part series, Staying Sharp - Vol. 1: Tips for Staying Sharp Inside Your Company, provides more than a dozen proven strategies engineers can easily put to work on the job. In this award-winning IEEE-USA eBook, veteran engineering professional and educator, Harry T. Roman, shares his thoughts about how engineers can enhance and hone their non-technical skills for career success.

Volume 1 is filled with tips about mentoring, starting project teams, working with schools and continuing education, among many other topics.  In one section, Roman encourages readers to “do their R&D…a process that converts uncertainty into risk,” for many companies. But he recommends getting involved with it, explaining that if you know the risk associated with a technological path, you can make educated investments for the future.

Roman also reminds us: “Never forget that during your “sharpening” process, the soft skills are just as important as the hard skills…. and that includes the people you lead and manage.”

Stay sharp! Don’t miss out!  For a limited time only, download this special gift from IEEE-USA, free of charge at:

The companion e-book (non-audio) is also available for $7.99 for members, and $9.99 for non-members at:

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