A Recap of April 2015 Electrical & Computer Engineering PE, Software Engineering PE and Electrical & Computer FE Exam Results

A Recap of April 2015 Electrical & Computer Engineering PE, Software Engineering PE and Electrical & Computer FE Exam Results

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The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) released results from the April 2015 administration of the three Electrical & Computer PE examinations and the Software PE examination to its member boards on 21 May. The following is a summary of the nationwide exam statistics.

Electrical & Computer


Number of Examinees



First-Time Taker Pass Rate



Repeat Taker Pass Rate



As reported earlier (http://insight.ieeeusa.org/insight/content/careers/90403), the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination converted from a paper-and-pencil format to computer-based administration beginning in January 2014. Computer-based testing is done on a continuous basis, so result summaries are released on a quarterly basis. For the first two quarters of 2015, a total of 1,217 candidates took the Electrical & Computer FE examination module. The pass rate for candidates from EAC/ABET-accredited engineering programs taking the exam for the first time within 12 months of graduation was 75%.

The Electrical & Computer Engineering PE exam is offered semi-annually, with the next administration in October 2015. The Software Engineering PE exam is administered annually, with the next offering in April 2016. If you are interested in becoming licensed, or want to determine if you need to be licensed, you should contact your state board of professional engineers.

A new publication, IEEE-USA InSight: Best of Licensing Software Engineers, will be available as an inexpensive IEEE-USA eBook later this summer. This eBook will provide a wealth of information on the case for licensing software engineers, the requirements for obtaining licensure, and guidance that could help you obtain licensure as a software engineer if you are qualified and seek to obtain that credential. For those planning to take the exam, a preparation book, Software PE Exam ” Sample Questions and Solutions, is available from the IEEE-USA Shop (Member Price: $39.99, Non-member Price: $49.99).


Michael Behnke, P.E., is Chairman of the IEEE-USA Licensure & Registration Committee.

Steven Barrett, P.E., Ph.D., is Chairman of the NCEES Electrical & Computer PE Exam Committee.

Phillip Laplante, P.E., Ph.D., is Chairman of the NCEES Software PE Exam Committee.

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