• kluge

    Need a Kluge?

    With the increasing complexity of today's systems, more kluges, by whatever name, will be required, along with their accompanying humorous put-downs.

  • Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace

    The amazing Grace Hopper defied the odds to become a rear admiral in the U.S. Navy and a pioneer of computer programming.

  • Josie the Riveter

    Josie the Riveter

    Josie the Riveter and her compatriots played an important role in helping women become a significant part of today’s technical and engineering professions.

  • Cybersecurity

    Harnessing Cybertech?

    Many of us believed that technology could save mankind. Yet it now appears that many cyber developments will threaten that hopeful ambition.

  • everyone a winner

    Everyone a Winner?

    Today’s engineers may need to be satisfied with personal “wins,” without the acknowledgement of the public or even of the engineering community at large.

  • KISS

    KISS? “Yes.” TMO? “No.”

    Simplicity was the key to KISS system design. Yet it was not always adhered to as more complex systems arose in both civilian and military applications.

  • KISS

    A Salute to Captain William Eddy

    When Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941, retired Navy Captain William Eddy volunteered to return to set up a program to train much-needed radio technicians.


    The 737 MAX: An Accident Waiting to Happen?

    The recent Boeing 737 MAX  crashes, in both of which all passengers and crew were lost, brought to the fore two issues: how best can today’s pilots interface with planes that can “fly themselves,” and how and by whom is a complex technology approved for public applications in which the…

  • driverless car

    The Driverless Car Rumbles Toward the City

    The question is not whether autonomous vehicles can be developed, produced and sold at competitive pricing, but rather where they can be profitably used.

  • Craftsman Tools: Where Are They Now?

    Craftsman Tools: Where Are They Now?

    The Craftsman brand has changed hands over the years, but it has always been synonymous with quality tools. What does your collection look like?

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