December Free E-Book Explores How to Change the World

By Georgia C. Stelluto

In the IEEE-USA E-BOOKS two-part book series, Secrets to Being a World-Changer, you will find a handy dandy guide that will let you gain entrance to “the inner circle.”

IEEE Members Jonathan Chew and Leo Szeto are two engineers who have devoted the past few years to boosting their own creativity and leadership.  As Disney Imagineers, and the authors of these e-books, they are sharing their passion for innovation, and encouraging others who want to dream big. Chew and Szeto have written a two-part e-book series that offers individuals working in any discipline valuable insights on how to lead change. This fascinating e-book expands on their presentation at the 2016 IEEE-USA Future Leaders Forum, and a subsequent webinar.

In Secrets to Being a World-Changer-Part 1: The Being of Leadership, the authors outline how to establish the mindset for being a world-changer. They begin with a premise based on Ikigai, the Japanese concept that means, in essence, “a reason to get up in the morning.” They explain that according to the Japanese definition, Ikigai fuses together four related concepts: what you are good at, what you are willing to do, what you are paid for, and what you want to do. Chew and Szeto say that your purpose in life is at the heart of the four concepts.

Drawing inspiration from this concept, the authors created their “Circles of VICtory—three overlapping circles that describe the basic ingredients all great leaders share in abundance:

Vision: Something to be passionate about, combined with one’s beliefs

Imagination: The ability to see the world from different perspectives


Creativity: Methodologies to generate novel solutions to problems

“Wherever you are in your life’s journey,” Chew and Szeto write, “you can begin at any point in the Circles of VICtory, and start working on the parts and pieces that need improving.”

Yet, this first e-book in the series, Secrets to Being a World-Changer, Part 1—The Being of Leadership, is just the beginning of the journey. Just as each yin must have a yang, this first book (Part I) deals with the larger picture (both physically and metaphorically) of how you should think while becoming a world-changer.

From 1 December 2018 through 15 January 2019, IEEE members can get their free December e-book by going to Log in with your IEEE Web Account, add the book to your cart, and use promo code ​DECFREE18 at checkout.

Members—don’t miss this great, free opportunity. This award-winning e-book normally sells for $2.99 to members and $4.99 to non-members. Download your December free e-book from IEEE-USA today!

Walt Disney, one of the most renowned creative and visionary icons among entrepreneurs said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”


Envision and create the world you want to live in…

Georgia C. Stelluto is IEEE-USA’s Publishing Manager; Manager/Editor of IEEE-USA E-BOOKS; InFocus Department Editor for IEEE-USA InSight; and Co-Editor of the IEEE-USA Conference Brief.

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