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By Georgia c. Stelluto

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From now, until 31 December, you can download Doing Innovation: Creating Economic Value-Book 2:  Developing a Workable Innovation Process for free, as a member service from IEEE-USA.

Book 2 of this four-book series focuses on the innovation process. Author Gus Gaynor writes that research about the process by which innovations occur has not provided any significant insight that allows replication. Most information is anecdotal, and that may be because the elements that drive innovation cannot be described by a linear process. There really are no algorithms that define the process. There are no models that can be applied across multiple industries. Those stage-gate processes that define termination, although based on rational decisions, can easily decimate potential innovations. There is no theory of innovation to guide the process.

Gaynor shares that perhaps the limiting factor involves the fact that innovation is a people-centered activity that depends on creativity, breadth of knowledge, and a passion to take an idea and transform it into a successful product or service.

The second book of this four-book series:

  • Teaches the fundamentals related to the innovation process
  • Presents various models with their limitations
  • Describes the innovation design process
  • Considers the issues in developing a process model
  • Suggests a generic model
  • Describes organizing for innovation

And Look for a New Free E-Book Selection on 1 January 2014


Beginning on 1 January, and for the entire month, IEEE members will be able to download the January free e-book offering from IEEE-USA:  Starting Your Start-Up: Book 1-Developing a Business Plan

The Starting Your Start-Up e-book series is designed for the engineer or entrepreneur who has a great product or service idea, but no real marketing expertise. With a small budget and big dreams, it’s difficult to know where to start. In the first book of this five-book series, author Tanya Candia helps the reader understand all the basics of starting a start-up–quickly building an initial business plan; understanding and communicating the value proposition; creating an effective elevator pitch; positioning the product and company; and speaking to potential investors and customers, in a way that maximizes the chances of success. This e-book series will help you build a full business plan, by systematically completing the various stages that Candia has developed.

IEEE members can purchase the other e-books in the Doing Innovation: Creating Economic Value series, in the Starting Your Start-Up series, and other IEEE-USA E-Books, at deeply discounted prices, by going to IEEE-USA E-Books. To purchase IEEE members-only products, and to receive the member discount on eligible products, members must log in with their IEEE Web Account.

Call for Authors

IEEE-USA E-Books seeks authors to write an individual e-book, or a series of e-books, on career guidance and development topics.

In particular, we are looking for authors for our ongoing series on Shaping an Engineering Career.   This series is about the personal journeys of engineers in their careers. Shaping an Engineering Career e-books will include personal recollections by engineers and managers who can demonstrate through life experiences the satisfaction from being immersed in their careers.

We are also looking for authors for our new Women in Engineering e-book series.


For both of these series, we want to know what you learned during your career that you wish to pass on to your colleagues. What were your experiences? Who provided guidance? Why did you take the route you did? What were the obstacles, if any?

We want the e-books in this special series to stir the imagination of younger engineers by showing how experienced engineers and managers built their careers, and the issues they confronted.

E-books should be between eight and ten thousand words

If you have an idea for other e-books, or a series of e-books that will educate other IEEE members on a particular topic of expertise, email your e-book proposal to E-Book Chair Gus Gaynor and IEEE-USA Publishing Manager, Georgia C. Stelluto.

Georgia C. Stelluto is IEEE-USA’s publishing manager, editor-in-chief of IEEE-USA in ACTION, and manager/editor of IEEE-USA E-Books.

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IEEE-USA is an organizational unit of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE), created in 1973 to support the career and public policy interests of IEEE’s U.S. members. IEEE-USA is primarily supported by an annual assessment paid by U.S. IEEE Members.

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