For Members Only: IEEE-USAs April Free E-Book Offers Managers Commonsense Tips for Developing Employees

By Georgia C. Stelluto

Where does the ability to innovate come from? It comes from the people on your team, of course! Humans convert data and information into knowledge. Computers, databases and industry assist them in applying their insight, skills and special talents to problems. Your employees strive to make sense of the rapidly changing world; and do it all to benefit you and your company.

In April, IEEE-USA E-Books is offering, Developing Your People — Commonsense Leadership in the Workplace — Volume 1: Key Skills Employees Will Need, free to IEEE members. And veteran engineering professional, author, educator and IEEE Senior Member Harry T. Roman, explores commonsense ways to guide employees, as they grow in an organization, and into their career paths.

The first in a three-volume series, this e-book clarifies the distinctive realities of the Information Age, the types of skills required for career success, and how managers can create inspiring environments for, and encourage, their employees.

“There’s no greater responsibility in the workplace than being a manager in charge of developing employees,” the author writes. Roman speaks from experience. He worked for 36 years, almost all of them in R&D, for Public Service Electric and Gas Company, the largest utility serving the state of New Jersey. He helped many employees shape and develop their careers, and also led many interdisciplinary project teams, during those years.

The author is firmly convinced that promoting creativity is just one of managers’ prime responsibilities. He believes any job and any person can be creative–if promoted properly, and enabled by those in charge. “All people possess the capacity for creativity,” he says, “but may lack either the opportunity, or the conditions, that will promote it.”

He believes most professionals are not motivated only by money. Instead, he professes, what really inspires them is the opportunity to perform work that gives them both recognition, and a sense of personal achievement. To encourage creativity, Roman’s recommendations include: giving employees the freedom to accomplish their tasks; keeping everyone informed about important issues; helping them understand and show how their work is relevant to the company; providing opportunities for employees to communicate with senior management; and ensuring financial resources–so employees can prove their work, publish papers, and attend conferences.


Roman emphasizes, “Your people are your most important and versatile resource. They can be upgraded, renewed, rejuvenated and adapted to a wide variety of jobs. They are the most ideal resource any company can possess.” Further, he writes that equipped with the right support, tools, information and leadership, they will make the difference in the global race for market share. “Mistreat them, fail to use them effectively, demotivate them, refuse to lead them, and ignore the value of their skills, Roman says, “and you risk certain failure.” 

Now through 15 May, IEEE members can get a free download of this e-book by going to: Log in with your IEEE Web account, add the book to your cart and use promo code APRFREE17 at checkout.

Georgia C. Stelluto is IEEE-USA’s Publishing Manager, and Manager/Editor of IEEE-USA E-BOOKS.

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IEEE-USA is an organizational unit of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE), created in 1973 to support the career and public policy interests of IEEE’s U.S. members. IEEE-USA is primarily supported by an annual assessment paid by U.S. IEEE Members.

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