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IEEE-USA Offers Members an April Free E-Book: Secrets to Being a World-Changer—Part 2: The Doing of Leadership

By Georgia C. Stelluto

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

 ~ Margaret Mead

How do you move an idea off the drawing board and bring it to life? In IEEE-USA’s April free e-book for members — Secrets to Being a World-Changer—Part 2: The Doing of Leadership — two engineers who have devoted the past few years to turning dreams into reality share their passion for innovation.

Welcome to the Second Part of the Journey

In Secrets to Being a World-Changer-Part 1: The Being of Leadership, authors Jonathan Chew and Leo Szeto outline how to establish the mindset for being a world-changer.

In Part 2, The “Doing” of Leadership, these two IEEE members, colleagues and friends deal with how to actually perform world-changing actions. Chew and Szeto explore the way world-changing leaders transmute their personalities into a “golden nugget of action.” Further, you will learn how they put their vision, imagination and creativity toward a better future — taking a concept and making it a reality.


In addition, in Part 2 of this e-book series, the authors provide you with examples of world-changers that can dream about an idea that has purpose; figure out how to play with that idea; gain the know-how to build it; and actually bring it to life. They explain how they communicate that idea to others, bring them along, and enlist them as part of a larger goal. Moreover, in this second part of the series, Chew and Szeto teach readers how to develop this secret set of skills.

Chew and Szeto speak from practical, on-the-job experience. Imagineers in the research and development arm of The Walt Disney Company, they were and are free from the normal business constraints that can stifle creativity. All Disney Imagineers — whether illustrators, architects, or engineers, among other professionals with that designation — are encouraged to indulge in “blue sky speculation,” where no limitations exist. Both men worked for several years on Imagineering’s design and building for Shanghai Disneyland, which opened in 2016.

The authors begin these e-books with a premise based on Ikigai, the Japanese concept that essentially means “a reason to get up in the morning.” They explain that according to the Japanese definition, Ikigai fuses together four related concepts: what you are good at; what you are willing to do; what you are paid for; and what you want to do.

Chew and Szeto believe your purpose in life is at the heart of the four concepts. Drawing inspiration from these concepts, they have created what they call The Circles of VICtory — three overlapping circles describing the basic ingredients all great leaders share in abundance:

  • Vision: Something to be passionate about, combined with one’s beliefs
  • Imagination: The ability to see the world from different perspectives
  • Creativity: Methodologies to generate novel solutions to problems

“Wherever you are in your life’s journey,” they write, “you can begin at any point in the Circles of VICtory, and start working on the parts and pieces that need improving.”

At the heart of Part 2: The Doing of Leadership, are the authors’ in-depth discussions of how anyone aspiring to be a world-changer can develop an action plan based on Vision, Imagination and Creativity.


From April 1 (no foolin’) through May 15, IEEE members can download a copy of this e-book free at:

Sign in with your IEEE Web Account, add the book to your cart, and enter promo code APRFREE19 at checkout.

Also, download the free audio book version of this e-book in MP3, also courtesy of IEEE-USA.

You know you can change the world — so c’mon —what are you waiting for?  Download your free e-book and free audio book — and find out how to put your dreams into action…

Georgia C. Stelluto is IEEE-USA’s Publishing Manager; Manager/Editor of IEEE-USA E-BOOKS; InFocus Department Editor for IEEE-USA InSight; and Co-Editor of the IEEE-USA Conference Brief.

Guest Contributor

IEEE-USA is an organizational unit of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE), created in 1973 to support the career and public policy interests of IEEE’s U.S. members. IEEE-USA is primarily supported by an annual assessment paid by U.S. IEEE Members.

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