IEEE-USA’s Free November eBook for Members Explores Documenting Professional, Community, Consultancy Services

By Georgia C. Stelluto

“Give back to your community, and it will come back to you with great reward”¦when you least expect it,” writes author Harry T. Roman.


Every company likes to have well-rounded people working for them, who are vital elements of their communities-walking billboards for their company’s outreach and concern within the community. Companies take pride in employees involved in many different aspects of community, and also encourage involvement in local projects and activities. Such activities are another rich source of information for your living resume, says Roman.  He advises readers to “get involved in the various activities that bring you into contact with the greater world outside your company.”

Roman devotes chapters in this third e-book to Community Service, Alumni Activities; Political Positions, Municipal Appointments; Board and Advisory Positions; Consultancies; and Professional Society Activities.

He writes that giving back to a community or college is fulfilling and uplifting for you, as well as a growth experience from which special opportunities may arise. Many companies today work with colleges and other educational organizations-funding them or hosting projects and studies on campus. The same may go for community groups in which you affiliate. Your connection with them builds your reputation and credibility in your company, perhaps even leading key managers or directors in your company to ask you to represent the company in such affiliations.

“Any company would be foolish not to recognize the future potential leadership forged in work and activities within a community,” writes Roman,


“A company can use this kind of leadership directly in its own day-to-day business-and for future strategic planning. Great companies know how important it is to have staff people with such experience, and ties to the community at-large.”

And don’t under estimate the value and power of community interactions on your resume. As you interact with people in your community, and at your local college, these associations lead to unexpected possibilities for projects, leveraged funding, partnerships, and other similar activities. It is fertile ground for the future.

Remember the old adage: It’s not what you know-it’s who you know? That truth is a big one-and it should be profound motivation for you to document your activities, and the contacts you make or made, in your living resume, Roman says.

In this final installment of the Living Resume trilogy, author Harry T. Roman advises readers on ways to participate in activities outside of their companies.

From 1 November through 15 December, IEEE members can download for free A Living Resume-Vol. 3: Documenting Your Professional Service, Community Service & Consultancies.

To get your free download, go to Log in with your IEEE Web account, add the book to your cart, and use promo code NOVFREE16 at checkout.



In December, IEEE-USA eBooks will offer Shaping an Engineering Career-Volume 4: Electrical and Computer Engineering-A Path to a Rewarding Career free to IEEE members.

In this fourth volume of IEEE-USA’s Shaping an Engineering Career series, author Joseph R. Bumblis advises readers to do whatever possible to grow their careers before time and change radically alter their perspectives of what a career is, or could be.  “Change is inevitable,” writes Bumblis, “so be sure to have some fun along the way.”


IEEE-USA eBooks seeks authors to write an individual eBook, or a series, on career guidance and development topics. If you have an idea you think will benefit members in a particular area of expertise, please email your proposal to IEEE-USA Publishing Manager Georgia C. Stelluto at

Georgia C. Stelluto is IEEE-USA’s Publishing Manager; and Manager/Editor of IEEE-USA eBooks.


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IEEE-USA is an organizational unit of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE), created in 1973 to support the career and public policy interests of IEEE’s U.S. members. IEEE-USA is primarily supported by an annual assessment paid by U.S. IEEE Members.

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