IEEE-USA’s July Free E-Book for Members Offers Tips for Rewarding Employees in Tight Salary Times

IEEE-USA’s July Free E-Book for Members Offers Tips for Rewarding Employees in Tight Salary Times

In the business world, it is not always possible to reward your key and special employees with monetary gains in the conventional sense; but it is possible to reward them in other ways. Author Harry T. Roman offers up some insight on how to reward deserving employees in non-monetary ways, in the IEEE-USA’s July free e-book for members:  Rewarding Your Employees in Tight Salary Times, Vol. 1—Some Basic Techniques.

The title says it all — managers may not always have the budget to show genuine appreciation to deserving employees with raises or promotions. Almost all managers can relate to this ongoing problem. But Roman believes by planning, and using a little creativity, managers can reward top employees “even when the budget won’t allow it, or they’ve topped out in their positions.”

This two-volume book series doesn’t discuss fun or trendy ways to reward employees. Each book’s intent is very different — focusing instead on ways to keep them motivated and on-point — ultimately keeping good people in your department, and in your company.

In this first volume, Roman discusses and describes techniques he has seen and used to reward key people.  These techniques show how a manager/company can genuinely say “thank you” in various ways to make employees want to stay “rock solid in your corner.”

Roman recommends all managers make sure get to know their employees well. “For instance,” he writes, “do you know what issues at work get them into a rolling boil? What keeps them at their jobs and liking it? Do they have a flair for creating new ideas, and moving to implement them by their own initiative?”

Understanding whether employees are team builders — both within the department and elsewhere — can help, Roman says. Moreover, managers should find out what other, work-related interests their top employees might like to explore.

Knowing what makes your employees tick is an important insight into how you might be able to keep them motivated. It can aid you in designing programs, opportunities and circumstances where they can continue to shine and grow in new directions. These motivational efforts also demonstrate to other employees how flexible you are as a manager/leader — and how the department or company cares for its employees.

“When you take the time to know your employees, your employees will notice,” Roman says. “Further, they will realize you are interested in how to bring their talents to bear in the company.”

What will you do to help important people in your company stay the course?

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