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One of the reasons IEEE-USA was established in 1972 was to help broaden the Institute’s career role for members, by having more non-technical services offerings, such as career training, for its U.S. members. Since that time, IEEE-USA has worked hard to bolster IEEE’s career services offerings for U.S. engineers. Webinars are a big part of our non-technical services. Did you know IEEE-USA webinars initially started out mostly focusing on providing career training to U.S. engineers?  And over the past three years, IEEE-USA has built a substantial library of career focused webinars.


Your Resume


Some of our older webinars still provide excellent information, if you’re preparing for, or currently doing, a job search.


Nathalie H. Thompson, a career management consultant with Right Management, conducted What are HR professionals looking for in a Resume?  Ms. Thompson provides excellent advice about what information to include in your resume, what key words to include, and a basic overview of how a resume should be arranged.


Finding Job Opportunities


IEEE-USA has invested a lot of time in providing webinars by different career consultants on networking. The webinar titles speak for themselves about our focus on helping IEEE members find job opportunities:


Sherri Edwards, career coach/trainer/consultant at Resource Maximizer, gave a great webinar on How to Win in a Competitive Job Market. 


Elizabeth Lions, former headhunter and executive coach provided excellent information with her webinar, Why You Haven’t Been Hired Yet?
Peggy Hutchinson, a long-time IEEE-USA volunteer and career consultant, presented her take on finding the right job opportunity, with her webinar Getting the Job You Want: Tools for Making the Short List.

John Hoschette, IEEE senior member and founder of Career Development Consulting also weighed in with Find the Job you want in this Turbulent Economy.




The Interview


Cliff Wilcox, a training and development consultant with more than 20 years’ experience, gives a two-part webinar on Preparing and Learning How to Conduct Yourself in an Interview. In this two-part series, Wilcox teaches you about the various types of interviews, and provides steps that you can take to prepare for them. Next, he guides you in preparing for the interview–focusing on how to read body language and cues from your interviewer to ensure a successful exchange.


Career Management


Finding job openings, submitting resumes, and interviewing are important; however, once a member finds employment–it’s important to outline future career goals. IEEE-USA also provides webinars on career development:


Nigel Bristow, founder and president of Targeted Learning, a research-grounded training and consulting firm, conducted the Beyond Job Satisfaction webinar–to help IEEE members prioritize and develop a career roadmap to help them achieve their career goals.  


The webinar, Engineering Business Savvy, conducted by the late George McClure, a retired systems engineer, and Pegotty Cooper, owner of a leadership and career coaching company, focuses on how you can increase your value to your employer.


If you’re in need of help with anything from resume development to career management, IEEE-USA has a webinar to explore it.  Check out all IEEE-USA career webinars; we’re sure we have a topic there that will interest you!



Daryll Griffin is IEEE-USA’s program manager for careers & innovation programs

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