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Women in Engineering: Their Stories and Their Paths – Complete Series Now Available

By Paul Lief Rosengren

IEEE-USA is playing an important role in giving women in engineering a voice; and holding up women in the various fields of engineering to inspire the next generation of diverse, talented women. IEEE-USA’s Women in Engineering e-book series has offered two dozen women in our field the opportunity to tell their stories — highlighting successes and failures, as well as challenges and triumphs.

In the first book in the series, Book 1 Inspire and Close the Gender Gap, Nita Patel gives a statistical and factual overview of the gap between the genders. The next 23 books shift to the personal journeys of women across the engineering field.

Each book is unique and from the heart. They deal with the people who inspired the authors, some describing situations where they encountered open or subtle discrimination. What shines through in every book is the love for the field of engineering, and the joy of having an impact on both companies and individual lives.

Engineering Activities for the Classroom – Book 4: Robotics

Now, IEEE-USA is making the complete collection available — all 24 books in the series — compiled together with a forward by Deborah M. Cooper, 2022 IEEE-USA President and Georgia C. Stelluto, IEEE-USA Publishing Manager. The Foreword sums up the importance of this series: “Whether you are a student, just starting your career, or progressing in your career, the stories of how these women overcame challenges and adversity — and became game changers–are great reminders that successful career paths are as diverse as we are. These stories encourage us to think big, use our life experiences, and take on amazing adventures.”

The complete compilation (along with each of the individual books) is available for free for IEEE members at the IEEE-USA online shop at:

Non-members can purchase the book for $19.99.

The stories celebrate the strides women have made in engineering — but also cry out for an ongoing and continued effort to diversify the field — and make it more open to women, especially as they are starting their careers.

This series is important for female engineers to read — to compare to and reflect on their own careers; to see the paths that women have taken before them; and to realize that in a field that can at times seem like a sea of men, they are not alone — other women before them have faced very similar struggles. But it is also a great read for any young engineer wanting to explore the different paths a career in engineering can take — no matter their gender.

Whether you wish to work for a large company like IBM or General Dynamics, or for an electric utility — or maybe pursue a career in academics — you can find a story here that can show one path (or many paths) to that destination.

All written by IEEE members, this complete collection includes another common theme of how activities outside of work, contributing to the community, and giving back to industry organizations such as IEEE, have been important to both personal and professional development.

Both individual books in the series, as well as individual compilations, have been recognized for excellence in writing and design, and as important contributions to STEM education. A shout-out is deserved for the driving forces behind this series — to Georgia Stelluto, IEEE-USA’s Publishing Manager, and  Manager/Editor, IEEE-USA E-BOOKS — who thought of, launched, and final edited the series; and posthumously to Helen Horwitz, former Staff Director of IEEE Corporate Communications, who served as the series’ preliminary editor and author liaison — who passed away last March.

The books in this compilation are:

  • Nita Patel, Book 1: Inspire and Close the Gender Gap
  • Maria Vlachopoulou, Book 2: Passion, Perseverance and Making a Difference
  • Sherry J. Gillespie, Ph.D., Book 3: Passions Can Sustain You — A Personal Career History
  • Jacquelyn K. Nagel, Ph.D., Book 4: Follow Your Curiosities: Finding Success Through Learning
  • Melissa Lau, Book 5: Finding Self and Growth
  • Leslie P. Martinich, Book 6: My Career, Your Career
  • Tanya Candia, Book 7: Having It All: One Woman’s Journey
  • Punam Nagpal, Book 8: The Art of Self-Empowerment: Becoming Your Own Best Friend
  • Jill S. Tietjen P.E., Book 9: Recognizing and Taking Advantage of Opportunities
  • Jeewika Ranaweera, Ph.D., Book 10: Three Journeys: Finding Professional and Personal Fulfillment as an Engineer
  • Amy K. Jones, Book 11: Quietly, Clearly and Authoritatively
  • Lisa Schoedel, J.D., Book 12: It’s Not a Career Path — It’s an Obstacle Course
  • Susan Delafuente, Book 13: An Engineer in the Making
  • Monique Jeanne Morrow, Book 14: Becoming an Engineer — Accidentally
  • Rowena Track, Book 15: From Physics to Wall Street: My Accidental, Unplanned and Eclectic Life and Career
  • Nathalie Gosset, BSEE, M.S., MBA Book 16: Vignettes of Discovery and Growth: The Journey of a 21st Century Female Engineer
  • Geetika Tandon, Book 17: Reinventing Myself: Inspiration, Perspiration and Innovation
  • Roxsana Hadjizadeh, Book 18: Why I Am an Engineer
  • Michelle Nanney, Book 19: An Engineer by Opportunity
  • Dalma Novak, Ph.D., Book 20: Seeing the Light: My Career in Engineering
  • Alice F. Squires, Book 21: Dandelion Wishes: A World Where We Collaborate as Equals
  • Karen S. Pedersen, P.E., F.N.S.P.E., Book 22: Passion & Perseverance: One Woman’s Career History
  • Liang Xi Downey, Book 23: From Semiconductor Physics to Sales & Marketing: My Perfect Career Path
  • Shelly R. Born, Book 24: New Experiences

Paul Lief Rosengren is the coauthor of In the Time of Covid: One Hospital’s Struggles and Triumphs. He worked for more than three decades in communications at NBC, PSE&G and in state government. He has a Master’s in Public Policy from The Kennedy School of Government, Harvard; and an undergraduate degree in political science from Dickinson College.


Paul Lief Rosengren

Paul Lief Rosengren is a frequent contributor to IEEE-USA InSight and author of the Famous Women Engineers in History series. He also co-authored In the Time of COVID: One Hospital’s Struggles and Triumphs about the first year of COVID at Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck, NJ. Rosengren previously worked in internal and external communications for the State of New Jersey, NBC, PSEG, and BD. While at PSEG, he was a founding member of the PSEG Diversity Council, initiated and facilitated the PSEG D&I Book Club and received the PR News Diversity Award.

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