Do You Wanna Be a Nerd Girl?

Do you want to use your engineering skills to make a difference? Do you want to change the way the world views women in engineering? Do you want to be a part of a major movement to provide young girls with positive role models, while building an amazing resume?

The Nerd Girls are now casting for the NEW TV SERIES, produced by MPH Entertainment, best known for their Emmy-nominated hit show, Dog Whisperer, with Cesar Milan.

Dr. Karen Panetta, founder of Nerd Girls, has been encouraging young women to change their world through science, technology, engineering and math, all while embracing their feminine power, and she wants you to join her team!

If you think you have what it takes to tell the world, “Hey, I’m a Nerd Girl, and it’s awesome!” then submit a video.  Join us on our mission to show the beauty of brains.

What is a Nerd Girl? YOU are. Check us out:

Here’s what some of the Original Nerd Girls have to say about it:


“Listen, being a Nerd Girl, rocks! I love being associated with a group of smart women who are just as passionate about their nerdy side as they are about their life outside of engineering. For me, it’s all about airplanes and Nike’s new line of running shoes.”

– Danielle ” Mechanical Engineer (MSME) & NerdGirls Facebook Fan Page

“Being a Nerd Girl is all about embracing who you are. I’m so glad to be part of a group that allows me to be myself ” a nerd that loves being a part of the science world that’s treating serious medical conditions, but also a girl that lives for getting dressed up for a ladies night on the town.”

” Cristina, Biomedical Engineer (MSBME) & NerdGirls Facebook Fan Page writer

“I love technology, from sexy gadgets like the iPhone to social media crazes like Twitter, to the solar cells that will change the way the world is powered.  As a Nerd Girl, I can embrace my love for engineering, science and technology, and still be myself ” from my adoration of the art of fashion to my fascination with Lady Gaga.”

“Lauren, Electrical Engineer (MSEE) & NerdGirls Twitter


Got a question? Want to learn more about the Nerd Girl Buzz?

Follow the Nerd Girls on Twitter @nerdgirls, and join them on the Facebook NerdGirls fan page!

It’s the Beauty of Brains

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