23 February 2024

    Using YouTube to Prep for the FE Exam

    If you're considering taking the FE or PE exams, YouTube has some excellent resources for engineering students and young professionals.
    World Bytes
    22 February 2024

    Life Events to Reflect On, Learn From and Celebrate

    Every person’s life is unique. IEEE Life Senior Member Terrance Malkinson shares some of his 75-year life’s journey and lessons learned.
    Public Policy
    21 February 2024

    R&D for Small Research Institutes: Diving Headfirst into an AI-Driven World

    The Create AI Act would authorize construction of the National AI Research Resource (NAIRR), a cloud computing resource that will democratize development and use of AI.
    Career Skills
    21 February 2024

    Fostering an Innovation Culture

    Successful managers encourage innovations that improve efficiency, enhance productivity, and drive revenue and other performance outcomes.
    15 February 2024

    A New Era of High-Value Skills

    It’s no longer enough to have strong traditional “soft skills,” such as communication and technical writing. We must align our skillsets with a new era of work.
    Licensure & Registration
    9 February 2024

    Five Reasons to Pursue Professional Licensure

    Professional licensure offers a wide range of benefits, from increased career opportunities and earning potential to personal fulfillment and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on society.
    Products & Services
    1 February 2024

    Kate Gleason: Leading the Way Marks 4th Book in IEEE-USA’s Famous Women in Engineering History Series

    Kate Gleason was the first woman enrolled in Cornell University’s Engineering program; the first woman member of both ASME and the American Concrete Institute; and made a name for herself in sales, business and engineering.
    Lessons on Leadership
    22 January 2024

    How Tech Titans’ Wisdom Can Inspire and Guide Your 2024 Professional Journey

    As we continue our professional journey in 2024, let's turn to tech's most influential minds to help guide us through the challenges and opportunities ahead.
    Career Power-Up
    22 January 2024

    Five Things You Should Be Doing As You Kick Off 2024

    As 2024 begins, think about your game plan for making sure you’re strategically using your time instead of just letting it pass by.
    Licensure & Registration
    22 January 2024

    To P.E. or not to P.E. … the Story Continues

    We revisit whether and why to seek professional licensure, look at updates to the licensure process, and share perspectives from industry and academia professionals.
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