Career Skills
    19 September 2023

    Practical Tips for More Effective Email

    Here are several techniques to help you use email more effectively both in terms of personal information management and team coordination.
    19 September 2023

    Annual IEEE-USA Consultants Survey Shows Number of Members Dependent on Consulting Down, Rates and Billing Hours Flat

    The number of U.S. IEEE members reporting that 50 percent or more of their income came from consulting decreased almost 19 percent over last year’s survey.
    Awards & Recognition
    19 September 2023

    Wheeler Receives 2022 IEEE-USA Distinguished Public Service Award

    Kevin Wheeler has received the IEEE-USA Award for Distinguished Public Service for her many years of service to the engineering profession.
    Awards & Recognition
    19 September 2023

    Jacobs and Dulce Recognized for Educator-Engineer Partnership Award

    Alexander Dulce, Charles Herbert Flowers HS, and Neville Jacobs, IEEE Baltimore Section, received the 2022 IEEE-USA K-12 STEM Literacy Educator-Engineer Partnership Award.
    Awards & Recognition
    19 September 2023

    Drs. Parker and Lunardi Win 2022 IEEE-USA Award for Distinguished Literary Contributions

    Drs. Parker and Lunardi received the 2022 IEEE-USA Award for Distinguished Literary Contributions for inspiring the next generation of women in engineering, through their book, Women in Microelectronics.
    Research & Development
    11 September 2023

    AFRL Regional Network Kicks Off Operations in the Midwest

    Pilot initiative connects a diverse range of partners with the Air Force Research Labs to create a dynamic science and technology ecosystem.
    Book Reviews
    1 September 2023

    Building Your Personal Brand — New E-Book Available from IEEE-USA

    New IEEE-USA E-Book focuses on your personal brand — why it is important, its benefits, and how to build and maintain it.
    Book Reviews
    1 September 2023

    No Surprises! Making The Most of One-On-Ones

    This new IEEE-USA audiobook discusses why, when it comes to one-on-one meetings with your manager, more is better.
    29 August 2023

    Why a Security Posture Assessment is Critical for Modern Organizations

    Cyber-related cognizance, action, and resilience all have a common starting point: security posture assessment.
    Career Power-Up
    22 August 2023

    Are You Betraying Yourself if Your Career Values Change?

    As our careers progress, we need to be comfortable expanding our values, without feeling like we are betraying ourselves.
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