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IEEE Member Exclusive – Download Your Free Engineering Crossword Puzzle E-Book for Adults from IEEE-USA

By Georgia C. Stelluto

C’mon engineers—take a break—have some fun! We created a crossword puzzle book just for you on the engineering profession. In addition, IEEE-USA is offering IEEE members a free download of its Engineering Crossword Puzzle for Adults e-book starting 1 June.

Sharpen your mental skills! Some people think crossword puzzles improve mental acuity–because evaluating and analyzing some intentionally tricky clues, put there by the puzzle writer, is often necessary to solve crosswords. Moreover, it is safe to say that millions of people of all ages enjoy crossword puzzles–because they are relaxing, enjoyable, and help to reduce stress. Many fans believe the puzzles also encourage a better vocabulary, as well as improving memory and brain function.

According to statistics from Digital Book World, crossword puzzle books’ popularity is on the rise.  So, IEEE-USA E-BOOKS commissioned Myles Mellor, one of the most popular puzzle writers in the United States, to develop this special, crossword puzzle e-book—just for technology professionals. At present, periodicals publish more than 80 of his crossword puzzles, reaching more than two million people, every month—including IEEE-USA InSight, IEEE-USA’s flagship publication.

In creating the crossword puzzles for IEEE’s U.S. members, Mellor researched authoritative, engineering-related topics online. He says that one of his best resources was IEEE Spectrum. From biomedicine and robotics to semiconductors and telecommunications, Mellor gathered thousands of words, their meanings and other associated facts, before coming up with the theme for each of the crossword puzzles in Engineering Crossword Puzzles for Adults.

Each of the 25 puzzles has a different technological theme, although, given the constraints that word weavers like Mellor must work within, he shares some words with other technologies. For example, the theme of the puzzle titled “Inertia” is interferometry, an investigative technique used in astronomy, fiber optics and oceanography, among other fields.

The puzzles Mellor created for IEEE-USA members are a hybrid of English and American puzzle-writing styles. “In the United States, each word must connect to another,” he explains, “not the case with British puzzles. Americans also expect their crossword puzzles to be designed with words of no fewer than three letters and 180-degree rotational symmetry of the entire puzzle.” To challenge and entertain IEEE members, Mellor bent the rules a little for these puzzles.


This free e-book—offered exclusively to IEEE members from 1 June through 15 July –is a great way for engineers and other technical professionals to take a break, have a little fun, and keep their minds stimulated.  IEEE members can download and print either one, or several puzzles, at a time; or the entire book of 25, and all the answer keys at once.

What is a three-letter acronym for a discovery made by Swiss scientist Friedrich Miescher? How about the 8-letter word for Bitcoin’s most sophisticated mining rig?

IEEE-USA’s Engineering Crossword Puzzles for Adults is an enjoyable and mentally energizing collection of 25 crossword puzzles created just for technology professionals.

From 1 June through 15 July – IEEE members can download their free e-book, Engineering Crossword Puzzles for Adults, by going to:

Sign in with your IEEE  Account, add the book to your cart, and enter Promo Code JUNFREE19 at checkout.

Don’t miss this free opportunity!  Normally, this e-book goes for $2.99 for members, with non-members paying $4.99.


Engineers, sharpen your pencils!

Georgia C. Stelluto is IEEE-USA’s Publishing Manager; Manager/Editor of IEEE-USA E-BOOKS; InFocus Department Editor for IEEE-USA InSight; and Co-Editor of the IEEE-USA Conference Brief.

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IEEE-USA is an organizational unit of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE), created in 1973 to support the career and public policy interests of IEEE’s U.S. members. IEEE-USA is primarily supported by an annual assessment paid by U.S. IEEE Members.

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