Terrance Malkinson

Terrance Malkinson, the author of more than 600 peer- and editorially reviewed, earned, well-read and cited publications, is now retired. His diverse career path includes 26 years in medical research at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary; a three-year appointment as a business manager with the General Electric Company; followed by a one-year applied research appointment with SAIT Polytechnic. During his career, Malkinson has advanced both basic and applied medical, health and wellness, scientific, and engineering knowledge. In addition, he has trained and mentored undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students, as well as staff in the business sector and government. Malkinson is a Life Senior Member of the IEEE. He has served in many professional, public, and private governance, and publication roles. Malkinson is the recipient of peer-selected earned awards. In retirement he vigorously continues basic and applied research with an extensive portfolio of basic and applied research projects. Other passions include communicating emerging technologies to the public, investigative journalism, philanthropy, and mentorship. His professional profile is maintained on Academia.
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