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  • Towards a STEM-ready Future

    Towards a STEM-ready Future

    Math Phobia According to the Programme for International Student Assessment, 59 percent of adolescents think mathematics is complex, and 31 percent report experiencing high levels of math anxiety when solving math problems. Mathematics usually snags one of the top spots in being the ‘most challenging’ or ‘most disliked’ subject in…

  • The Perils of Complacency: America at a Tipping Point in Science and Engineering

    The Perils of Complacency: America at a Tipping Point in Science and Engineering

    A new report addresses America’s relative strength in science, engineering, technology and innovation, including R&D, compared with that of China.

  • Politics of Education Reauthorization

    Politics of Education Reauthorization

    On 10 June, the Brookings Institution's Brown Center on Education Policy held a panel discussion focused on pending education legislation in Congress.

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    Why Do Managers Believe a Skills Gap Exists?

    Why do some company managers and recruiters claim there is a shortage of technical talent, while many experienced engineers claim there is a labor glut? As the very contradiction suggests, we suffer from distortions of the labor market that seem to confuse everyone. Sometimes, this political conundrum is so convoluted…

  • Reversing the Loss of STEM Careers

    A Texas housewife and President Obama held a video conference on 30 January [17].  Mrs. Jennifer Wedel spoke truth to power as she explained that her husband had been laid off and was unable to find another job in the semi-conductor industry within the Dallas metropolitan area. This was contrary…

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