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Webinar Corner: Register for IEEE-USA’s Upcoming Free Webinars, View Recorded Webinars

By Daryll Griffin

Upcoming Webinars

IEEE-USA webinars have been built on the backs of strong, career-related topics. Following in that mold, on 18 February, at 2:00 p.m. EST, IEEE-USA will present: Tailoring Your Online Resume to Your Strengths. Anyone with an online resume will find this webinar interesting, but it will be most useful for those at the “bookends” of their careers. For new graduates who need to distinguish themselves from all the other resumes in the “pile,” employers are interested in how you can help them meet their objectives, and how you can add value to their company. On the other end of the spectrum, many experienced engineers have not conducted a full-fledged job search for many years. Your resume has to emphasize the strengths that are going to meet employers’ current needs. This webinar will help you show how work done in the past meets future requirements. Register today for this valuable webinar!

IEEE-USA has just entered into an exciting partnership with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to produce a series of webinars in 2016, exploring different aspects of the patent process. This new series will likely attract many entrepreneurs, but we believe we’ve chosen topics that will interest all IEEE members. On 17 March, IEEE-USA will offer with Patents: An Overview Provisional and Nonprvisional Utility Patent Applications. After this webinar, we will return almost every month with different topics that will interest IEEE members nationally and internationally.

Additionally, IEEE-USA is also working hard to provide timely webinars for IEEE members on a variety of other topics. One of our most anticipated webinars for 2016 is Mastering Tricky Conversations: How to Talk To Anyone about Anything, by author/speaker Deborah Grayson Riegel, MSW, PCC. In this session, the Riegel will address such issues as the common traps of challenging conversations; how to set the tone to make a tough talk less stressful; and how to create ground rules and guidelines. She is an internationally recognized expert in presentation and interpersonal communication skills. This webinar will take place on 29 March, at 1:00 p.m. EST.

IEEE-USA will continue providing quality webinars to IEEE members in 2016 ” addressing career issues, risk management, government relations, consulting and much more. Remember to visit the IEEE-USA webinar page on a regular basis.

Archived Webinars

If you have missed out on attending one our live webinars, never fear, you can still view most of our recorded webinars for free in our online archive. Following is just one of the many useful webinars that you can view at your own pace.

IEEE Collaboratec

Did you know that IEEE now has an online platform that lists thousands of job openings; and provides access to resources to help IEEE members polish their resumes, and determine the salary ranges for different engineering positions? If you didn’t, you can view a recording of IEEE-USA’s free webinar to  learn about IEEE Collabratec. This new online tool helps technologists network, collaborate and create ” all from one central hub.


With the integration of the IEEE Job Site into IEEE Collabratec, nearly 3,000 engineering jobs have been posted in Collabratec. Also, in the near future, recruiters will likely access IEEE Collabratec to seek out talent. From within their Collabratec profiles, job-seekers can upload their resumes and specify employment preferences, just as they can on such sites as LinkedIn and Monster. That is just one of the things IEEE members can do with Collabratec.

Justine Spack is IEEE’s online community specialist working on this new online networking and collaboration platform. She walks viewers through a demonstration of the many functions available within IEEE Collabratec from setting up your profile to showcasing the variety of sub-communities within IEEE Collabratec. If you haven’t joined IEEE Collabratec, this presentation is for you!

Daryll Griffin is IEEE-USA’s program manager for career, member and innovation activities.

Guest Contributor

IEEE-USA is an organizational unit of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE), created in 1973 to support the career and public policy interests of IEEE’s U.S. members. IEEE-USA is primarily supported by an annual assessment paid by U.S. IEEE Members.

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